The Tasmanian tour organised to raise funds for Cursillo commenced on Thursday 21st February.


Our tour guide/ Grahame Foster has taken us for wonderful trips around Launceston; including Cataract Gorge & beautiful old buildings & Churches.


On Saturday we attended the State Ultreya in Campbelltown. There were about 60 Cursillistas present from all over Tasmania and some from New South Wales. The theme was 2 Timothy 1:6-7 “fan into flames the gift of God in you” which was also the theme Cursillo had used in Hong Kong.


The singing was enthusiastic and the sharing was encouraging. Jim Warland, our National Lay Director spoke about National Cursillo and the importance of ‘community’ and encouragement.


There was a short role-play in which 4 ‘soldiers’ spoke about their reluctance to go into the fight. Excuses were given, such as: I just hate  anyone  knowing I'm a soldier,   Or, I haven't as yet mastered  all  the skills of being a  soldier, or After all you're  the  sergeant, this is your  job,  and I'm waiting  till  they surrender!   


When  they come  into  this barracks,  I'll deal with them  then. We were obviously called draw a parallel between the soldiers and us as soldiers of God.

His talk also had its comic moments when he donned ‘Viking headgear’ presented to him at the National Secretariat meeting in Cairns last year.


We drew strength & inspiration from one another and the Ultreya concluded with the celebration of Holy Communion.


A wonderful event!

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